Sitting in my living room minding my own business for once when a cousin was at the state fair and text me a picture of a quilt with the infamous words . . . . “hey! Would you make this quilt for me?”

IMG_9002I’ve never seen this quilt or this pattern before IN MY LIFE.  So what did I respond?

Uh, Sure!

After studying the picture a couple dozen times and figuring out what size she wanted the quilt to be, I sent her a materials list and Wah-lah!  A quilt was born!

Since then, I’ve made this same quilt pattern a couple of times with a little modification here and there.


Browsing through quilt blogs and emails, I find patterns that look cute and I want to try out.  Like this one, I made for my MIL’s birthday last year.

I got all the way to the VERY end binding it and made a mistake that I corrected, but it wasn’t perfect =  so I made the entire quilt all over again!  This time making sure I did not make the same mistake!